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Syria’s civil war is the most horrific humanitarian disaster of our times.

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Syria is located in southwest Asia at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Islam is the main religion of the vast majority. About 74% of the population are Sunni Muslims,. Alawite, Druze, Ismailis, Shia, and Yazidis account for another 16% of the population. About 10% of the population is Christian, with Greek Orthodox being the largest denomination.5971010004_daf9417536_b

Under the 1973 constitution, Islam is no longer stated to be the religion of the state, but the president of Syria must still be a Muslim, and Islamic law is the foremost source of legislation. The Syrian legal structure is based partly on French law and partly on Syrian statutes.

Prior to the war, Syria had energetic, lively marketplaces in the aged cities of Damascus and Aleppo, and now it has the most innovative IT industry despite of economic sanctions forced by the west.

Syria boasts of one of the oldest and classy legendary ethnicity in the world, with flourishing customs.. Syria was the key centre for weaving fabric, Spices, jewellery, cloth, conventional handicrafts, and a mixture of foods.


Food being very important part of their celebrations, luring and appeasing baking smells of bakeries and patisseries parked on every corner, engulf our nostrils and adds to our appetite.

Syria is a hotspot destination for religious people full of very old Mosques, Roman remains, castles built during the Crusades and souks. One of the most beautiful countries, people from all over the world comes here to see the monuments and old cities. Before the war, Syria used to magnetize foreign travelers with its 3,000 archaeological sites repeatedly to its sites. ..


Syria’s civil war is the most terrible disaster of all times.. There are more than 4.7 million Syrian refugees in adjoining countries. Almost one million have applied for asylum in the safety of Europe and around 13.5 million citizens are still in need of aid inside Syria, 6.6 million people have been displaced. This is a cluttered, brutal war where neither side has much regard for civilian casualties the problem began in March 2011.

Initially protests were peaceful, protesters were demanding for the release of the children, democracy and improved liberty for people in the country. But later the enormity of the situation escalated as government responded negatively and furiously, and thus on 18 March 2011, the Army opened fire on protesters, killing four people. and soon the turbulence extend to other parts of the country too.

There were lots of people who were supporting President Assad and on the other hand, there were groups who wanted that the president should step down.

These groups gradually split between groups of rebel fighters and political parties. It was estimated there could have been as many as 1000 groups opposing the government since the problem started with 100,000 fighters.after2

At the same time their neighboring country Iraq who was also facing the civil war, a terrorist group called Islamic State, began to acquire large areas of the country. Gradually this IS group moved to eastern Syria who was already facing the civil war, IS got benefit of the same and was able to acquire territory control there too. We should call this Group as Non-Islamic State, because no religion teaches us to kill the people in the name of any religion, only people kill people.

To Stop them entering Syria USA, UK and other European counties joined  hands and launched airstrikes on IS. Since then situation is getting worse in Syria with many civilians getting killed in these attacks.

There were reports that chemical weapons had been used, Syrian government and rebel forces kept blaming each other for it but innocent civilians are suffering as a result.

A growing number of Syrian refugees are fleeing across the border into adjoining countries. They walk for miles in the night to keep away from rebel forces and IS, who  kidnap young men to battle for the regime. They are living as a refugees in other countries with out any facilities and mostly don’t have camp , living in openly without any food , water, medicine etc.

As per me dreadful conditions in Iraq and Syria arose because of the USA invasion. At that time there was no ISIS. When USA invaded Iraq, Iraqi army was 4 to 6 million military and ISIS now is just 20000 to 30000 forces. A number of Countries reap benefits by supplying artillery in these region.

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