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The most trendy day to apply for your new Job ?

It may sound strange or superstitious that if you apply for a job on particular day it can increase the chances of getting selected for that particular job. Study shows that most of the job activities like giving Job Ad, sending application and hiring happen between Monday and Wednesday.
You will be surprise to know that Job seeker activity varies considerably by day of the week Tuesday is a little busier for application than Monday and Wednesday a touch less and by the Friday come there is a steep drop off. You will not believe on the weekend when all of us I assume have more time to search new job barely anyone applies. People tend to apply more in the beginning of the month than late in month. Tuesday supposed to be the ideal day for hiring success with the 18.5% of Job seekers applies on this day, followed by 18% each on Monday and Wednesday. So it means that Tuesday is day on which applicant prefer to apply for new jobs. But it is not the most successful day to apply.

So the most successful day to apply for a job is Monday with 30% as the candidate who applied on a Monday able to go through to the next level of interview. Whereas 37% of applicant who apply on Tuesday has a 20% success rate and Saturday turns out to be the most horrible day for the job seekers with only a 14% success rate.
So When you have the ‘Monday blues’ at work place and you find good job opening don’t be indecisive, don’t sleep on it, grab that opportunity and be prepared to apply that very Monday as there are 10% higher chance of landing an interview.
Study also found that almost 60% of job seekers apply within the first week of the job being posted because waiting till weekend means that there are probability that your
application might get covered under the influx of equal qualified candidate who applied before you.

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