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Sitting for lengthy periods of time is the reason of 4% of deaths worldwide

As per the studies 31% of the worldwide population does not meet the current recommendations for physical activity.

Almost four per cent of all deaths – approximately 433,000 per year due to fact that people globally spend more than 3 hours a day just sitting down.


The study show that more than 60% of people worldwide spend more than three hours a day sitting down and in adults the average hours are 4.7 hours per day. The maximum deaths are in the regions of the Western Pacific and then European countries, the America, Eastern Mediterranean, and southeast Asia. The maximum death percentage was found in Lebanon (11.6%) and the Netherlands (7.6%) whereas the lowest rates were in Mexico (0.6%) and Myanmar (1.3%). Spain in the average range with 3.7% of deaths due to this ‘chair effect’

Our lifestyle played a very vital role on these numbers; the excessive amount of time we spend in sitting down may increase the danger of death, even though we do exercise. It is very significant to reduce inactive behavior in order to avoid premature deaths around the world,

As per research if we diminish the amount of time we spent in sitting two hours would mean a 2.3% decrease in mortality, even though it is not possible to confirm whether this is a causal relationship.sitting-long-time

Even though if reduce the sitting time just by 10% or half an hour per day, could have an instant impact on all causes of mortality (0.6%) in the countries evaluated.

The measures aimed at addressing the influential reasons behind this sedentary conduct would be necessary. A strategic health communication campaign was developed to encourage physical activity among women in Tonga (Oceania),

While in Iran a bicycle-sharing system was developed in addition to a sustainable transport system in Germany.

So the next time you complete your work day and understand you’ve been sitting in front of the computer for almost eight straight hours, maybe you won’t feel so proud of yourself.


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