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#15 Small Things Parents Should Do To Their Children Every Day To Make Them Feel Loved

Can you memorize what made you feel loved when you was a kid? It. May be a great time with your parents, vacations, being helped with homework and telling them a few secrets. Now as a parent, are you making the effort to make your kids experience loved? Frequently, it is the little things that make the difference. Here are some ways to

small-thingsmake your kids experience loved. When you become grandparents, you will feel very special that they still remember that small things.

1. Switched off your smartphone

Always turn off your Smartphone When you get home or your kids get back from school, and give them your full concentration at least for the first half hour or so. You will find that kids love this because they know you are not going to be unfocused by texts as they tell you today what happened at school. The Swedish government did a survey and revealed that 33% of kids complained that their parents were always keep busy on their mobiles.

2. Turn off the TV and all gadgets at mealtimes

Turn off all your entertainment gadgets at the time of meal because these are very specious moments to enjoy each other’s company. There are immense benefits for kids, as they eat more healthily because it is not rushed and they also get pleasure from the company of their parents and they are lesser amount of chances to have an eating disarray later on.

3. Make bedtime a valuable moment

With babyish kids, they will always fortune those instant when you read them a story as they drift gladly into sleep. It is extremely encouraging and it is a unique bonding feeling for parents and kids. The additional benefit is that this also helps your child’s brain growth.

4. Show physical care

Many studies show that kids bloom on warmth and affection. The child sense loved and will have a greater self-confidence. There is no need to go overboard but a kiss or a cuddle once days will lots of good for both of you. It lessens the probability of your kids becoming violent, disruptive and having other type of behavioral troubles.

5. Spend quality time with children

It is magnificent when parents can spend precious moment with your kids on a one-on-one basis. This is enormous because it makes them feel special and especially when siblings are not there. It can be anything from playing sports, cooking, or helping with tasks. There is no superior method of showing your kids that you really love and cherish them.

6. Obedience them with love and affection

There are still parents who believe that thrashing a kid is perhaps the most effectual and time saving way of dealing with discipline. But the kid learns that violence is an efficient way of dealing with divergence and clash. The key to successful parenting is not to show the love when they perform something good and deny it when they behave badly. There are no conditions but just a balanced flow of affection so that kids experience their parents’ love is truly unconditional.

7. Leave humorous and loving notes and messages

It can be a text or a little note tucked under their pillow. It can be a funny story, loving nickname or anything that shows the kids they are still on your eyes.

8. Look over their eyes

The most excellent mode of communicating with your kids is to look them straight in their eyes as you talk to them. Eye contact is so significant because this is the age when everybody is glued to some computer, device or phone. The child can learn to hang around until he or she has your full concentration but this is worth waiting for. It is also a vast lesson to educate a child that eye contact is a very imperative social skill as they get older.

9. Smile more often

The best way of showing your love and care for your kids can be smiling every time whenever you met them. This straight away puts them at easiness and it also make confirms that their being there is appreciated and that they are not a nuisance. There may be times when they will require to be reminded about awful behavior but why not use the other 90% to show that you love them?

10. Be a great role model for your kids

Be a great role model for your kids, tell them what to do, how to be well-mannered etc.

Many times, parents forget that they must be the ideal role models because kids are great copycats. The best way to feel them that you love your kids than to walk the talk. Be kind, loving and caring to others and teach your children to be disregard of racial..

11. Involve them in decision making

Involve them in decision making what to wear or where to go on holidays and make sure your kids feel fully involved and engaged.

It will make them capable to make small decisions and It is also great for children to start learning how to take decisions with their parents’ guidance.

12. Play with them

Try to spend time with your kids because they really would like to have some time with you so that they can play, have fun, laugh and be together.

13. Do something when child is sad

Take some actions when your kid is unhappy, there may be some issues at school with harassment or with his sports coach.

Make them feel that you care and try to find out what is the reasons of the nervousness and discomfort. There are chances that it may be child’s mistake but when it is not then it is good opportunity for you to show that you are there for them and you will be their champ.

You can learn more by taking part in a bully avoidance program at your kids’ school and also teaching your child how to react when bullied.

14. Save the cards and gifts

When your child gives you a card, humorous drawing or small poem, it shows that you care by treasuring them. Keep them in a particular place and show the child a photo of where you keep a beloved picture in your office. You can take digital photos of the artwork and keep them on a photo sharing site and keep sharing with your kid the results at regular intervals, it make them feel special

15. Never disrupt their stories

When a kid sharing some story with you what happened at school never interrupts them but listen them out, it make them feel loved and wanted. If you pay no attention to them or are very busy, children will be the first to suffer and it is likely to last into adolescence and adulthood unless we really make the effort now

Love and affection are the foundation of happiness. By showing kids this love every single day, we are giving them the greatest gift of all.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” – Aristotle


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