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#Some unknown facts about world’s power man : Donald Trump

1. Trump Vodka


In 2007 Donald Trump launched his own dutch made vodka. Aleks Zilcovs, a largest USA’s vodka distributor stated in one of his interview that they have had it in stock for five years, but it’s never sold. We thought that now is running for president (in fact now he is president) we will get the opportunity to get rid of the vodka, but still no one want to buy it.

2. Three Wives


Donald Trump has had three wives: Ivana Trump, Marla Maples and current spouse, Melania Trump.. Conversely, all his three marriages, have not been without controversy.




3. Brutal Assault’ on Ex-Wife


During the early ’90s divorce case between Ivana and Donald Trump, Trump’s ex-wife used the word “rape” to explain a 1989 episode between them. After undergoing a failed scalp reduction operation to take out a bald spot, Donald Trump “brutally beaten” his then-wife, who had suggested him to the plastic surgeon. Donald allegedly restrained Ivana and devastatingly ripped her hair from her scalp before forcing himself upon her.

4. Outsourcing His Brand


While he’s touted that Mexico, China, and other international governments are to hold responsible for America’s financial crises. But Donald is undoubtedly no unfamiliar person to outsourcing for profit. Labor, materials, and pretty much everything else with a Trump emblem have repetitively been sent overseas to the lowest bidder. Of course, Although Trump’s clothing line is produced almost exclusively in China and Bangladesh. There’s Ivanka Trump’s footwear and jewelry line, which is also produced primarily in China. Trump also has several hotels, golf courses, office buildings, and other real estate ventures overseas. While Trump has attacked companies like Ford, Nabisco, and Apple for outsourcing, there is no real difference between his actions and those of the organizations he has repeatedly criticized.

5. A question on his height ?

At the same time the media has pegged Donald at 6 feet and 2 inches tall, Donald has made all attempt to point out that he is in fact 6 feet and 3 inches. For Donald, it seems every inch is of very significant. You’ll remember when, at a GOP debates, Trump reassured voters that there was “no problem” with the size of his hands—or anything else.

6. Trump is a Teetotaler


Donald has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or done drugs.. In his interview with Forbes in 2011 he told that he doesn’t drink, and it’s simple for him to keep away from drinking. This is because his older brother Fred, who died while struggled with alcoholism which influenced him to stay away from any alcoholic beverage. Trump’s personal doctor even issued a statement that, should he be elected, Trump “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency

7. Trump Palace

If you well known to Palm Beach, you may be well familiar with Trump Palace.In a 2013 expose published in The Nation, it was revealed that Trump Palace, one of the tallest landmarks on the East


coast, is registered to a company in Belize, “an offshore haven where, as per government website, there ‘is no obligation to file annual returns or public disclosure of directors, shareholders, charges, loans or agreements.’




8. Trump is a Wrestling Fan


Donald is a fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment and is also a friend of the owner, Vince McMahon. Donald has been a staunch supporter of the organization. He also used to own the “Monday Night Raw” franchise. He was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2013.




9. Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame honored Donald Trump with the 2,327th star in 2007 for his contribution in the entertainment industry via his hit reality show, “The Apprentice.” At the live broadcast, he said the show was an “absolutely amazing” experience.

10. Sued Someone Because of Domain Names

In 2013, Donald sued a hacker, J. Taikwok Yung, who bought more than 200 domain names that used his name (,, and He initially offered to buy the domains for $100 each, but Yung refused. He filed the case at the World Intellectual Property Organization, who ruled in his favor.

11. Doesn’t like It When people miscalculate his net worth

He sued New York Times author Timothy O’Brien because the writer miscalculated his net worth in a book published in 2006. In the book, O’Brien said Trump is worth between $150 and $250 million. Trump said he was worth billions. The court dismissed his lawsuit in 2009.

12. Looks different when wakes up


When he wakes up and looks in the mirror, he looks different. His extraordinary hairline is achieved after blow-drying his hair forward and then combing it backward. His hair generates endless speculation. Is it a wig, a toupee, a transplant? Well, no one has yet proved it’s anything but real.

13. 67,000 new followers per month

Donald Trump and his team know that in this day and age it’s vital to have a healthy presence on social media. In fact, Donald Trump apparently receives an average 67,000 new Twitter followers per month. He sends approximately 372 Tweets a month! That’s like 12 a day

14. Pricey Mini Bar

Here’s another Trump tidbit for you: the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago is an auspicious establishment, and a bottle of mineral water from the mini bar there will set you back $25!

15. Bankrupt Casinos

For a man like Trump, a casino is the perfect setting. What you may not have heard, however, is that ‘The Apprentice’ guru has seen four of his casinos go bankrupt.

16. Trump Tower Tidbit

Did you know that Trump Tower in Chicago is a heart-stopping 98 stories high? It is even said by some to be the tallest residential structure in the world.

17. Trump loves golf

That much shouldn’t come as a surprise, as he owns 16 high-end golf courses around the world and plays regularly.

18. Serious real estate

It will probably come as no shock to you that Donald Trump owned 14,000 apartments by the time he was 27. He owned them under the Trump Management Corporation which he built almost single-handedly (with only a small $1 million “loan” from Daddy Bigbucks).

19. How Much?

So “The Apprentice” was a pretty decent show, and it enjoyed much success and made a lot of money. But just how much did the man himself earn per show? Any guesses? How does $375,000 per sound to you? Pretty impressive (if not puke-worthy)…

20. Net worth

So how much is the presidential candidate worth these days? According to the good people at Forbes, he is worth roughly $4.5 billion, give or take a few million!

21 Liquid cash

During a fairly recent interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Trump revealed that he has $400 million in spendable, liquid assets, annually.

22. Trump the game


You may well have come across this board game if you are a Trump fan. The smallest denomination of money in this classic game from the 80’s is $10 million!

23. He Was Sent to Military Academy

At 13, he was sent to the New York Military Academy because he was so full of energy. His parents thought sending him to military school would help channel all his energy into something good. He did very well in the academy and graduated in 1964.

24. His Father Was Fairly Wealthy

His dad, Fred Trump, was a rich man. He owned apartment complexes in Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island that are worth $250 million in today’s terms. Donald worked for his dad for five years before he made it big in the real estate industry in 1974.

25. He Was More Liberal than His Father

His father was already involved in real estate and when he graduated from school, he worked at the Trump Organization. His big dreams pushed him to convince his father to take advantage of loans, so he was able to finance an expansion of their company’s holdings.

26. He Is a Published Author

Donald Trump is an accomplished book author. He has written at least 50 books. His first book, “The Art of the Deal,” was published in 1987. He penned several more like “Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies” and “Ten Secrets I Learned from the Apprentice.”

27. He Sued Bill Maher for Making a Joke about Him on a Talk Show

In 2013, comedian Bill Maher joked that Donald was the son of a monkey and offered $5 million if he can prove his dad was a real human being. The real estate mogul didn’t like it and released his birth certificate. He then sued the comedian for refusing to pay him the money. Trump dropped the charges months later

28. Trump is Germophobe

Donald is a germophobe and dislikes shaking hands.

29. Trump punched his music teacher

In second grade at school, Trump punched his music teacher and gave him a black eye. “I didn’t think he knew anything about music and I almost got expelled. I’m not proud of that, but it’s clear evidence that even early on I had a tendency to stand up and make my opinions known in a very forceful way. The difference now is that I use my brain instead of my fists.”

30. Donald Trump birth year

1946 was also the birth year of Sylvester Stallone, Dolly Parton, Liza Minelli, Diane Keaton, Cher, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barry Gibb and Steven Spielberg.

31. Donald treated his home like a fortress

Young Donald treated their home like a fortress. If a ball from a neighbouring property bounced into their yard, Donald would seize it and say “I’m gonna tell my dad. I’m gonna tell the police”.

32. Trump owned Miss Universe, Miss USA….

Trump has owned part or all the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants since 1996. Among the most recognised beauty pageants in the world, the Miss Universe was founded in 1952 by the California clothing company Pacific Mills.

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