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#Find out which countries are most sexually satisfied ?

You will be surprised to know that USA, UK, not in the list of most sexually satisfied countries.

The study has found that people give importance to mutual respect of sexual encounters. 82% of people who feel sexually satisfied say that they feel respected by the partner during their sexual encounters.


More than 35% of those queried are looking for more love and romance in their sexual encounters. Better communication, intimacy, and more quality time with partners are all other things that respondents say they would like more of. The number of people who want to feel less stressed out and tired is about 37%.

The United States is often thought to be a mega power in the sexual world. It turns out that America is not even in the top portion of most sexually satisfied countries. Many other countries rank above them. Part of what causes this is the puritanical society that America has held for many years. The study finds that countries with more liberal views have more lax attitudes toward sex. Those countries also tend to have lower STD, teen pregnancy, abortion, and other sexual issue rates.

Overall the study has found that people around the world need to devote more time and energy to both their sex lives and their partners. The world has taken on a negative connotation of sex that inhibits us from living fully sexually satisfied lives. With modern technology, there are products that can help overcome sexual dysfunction in both men and women. The biggest thing is that people need to find what works right for them.


21% of Swiss nationals rated their sex life as “excellent” and 32% even admitted to having sex in public! Switzerland also introduces sex education in the classroom, thus giving its citizens more knowledge on how sex actually works, while at the same time having very low birth rates.


90% Spanish people in the study reported being sexually satisfied with 25% of them rating their sex life as “excellent.”


With the great food and wine in Italy, 64% of the men and women in the study were satisfied with their sex life.


Up to 82% of Brazilians reported having sex at least once a week. And if you read the article on what makes people happy, weekly sex sessions is one of the factors!


Greece has always been open to discussing sex, thus opening lines of communication. Their satisfaction rating – 51% satisfied.

The Netherlands

With its famous red light district and their abundance of sexual education policies, they’re one of the most pro-sex countries in the world. 22% rated the quality of their sex lives as “excellent.”


Previously rated as one of the “horniest countries” in the world, Mexicans described their sex lives as “fulfilling” with about half of them feeling satisfied.


India’s average age for losing one’s virginity is at a whopping 22 years old! Despite this, their sexual satisfaction is up there, possibly because of the popularity of Tantric sex.


Cosmo says that 27% of women from the land down under “wouldn’t change a thing about their sex lives.”


Did you know that couples in Nigeria reported to having take the longest time having sex, with 24 minutes per session? There’s a lot of satisfaction you can have in that time!


Germany also has very progressive views when it comes to sex. 32% of Germans confess to having had a one-night stand, and 30% said that they have had sex in public.


Yes, their society may be repressive and conservative, but up to 78% of the Chinese population gets laid at least once a week! And on top of that, they make use of technology to complement their sex lives through the use of cyber sex and

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