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#Want to make a woman happy? Helping with household chores might Keep women from cheating, Poll Finds

Most women who cheat do it because their partners do not do enough housework, according to a major survey in France.

A poll of 10,000 women revealed 73% who were driven to be unfaithful did so because their other half did too few chores.


Gleeden, which began in France but is now present in several countries, launched the wide-ranging poll in an attempt to pinpoint the key reason women were tempted to go astray.

The poll was launched in an attempt to identify the main reason women on the website were tempted to cheat. Almost nine in 10 respondents said they were annoyed by the lack of help doing housework, while 84% revealed it had led to arguments. The results may be of particular concern to white men, who were found to be the worst in Britain at pulling their weight around the house. Black Caribbean men were most likely to do their fair share.

The news comes after researchers at the University of Michigan found husbands create an extra seven hours of housework a week, and it is the wives that do it. Another study found couples who share household chores evenly have more sex than those who stick to old sexist stereotypes.

This will be cause for concern for many French men, who are decidedly recalcitrant when it comes to housework. According to a survey last year by French statistics agency INSEE, which found that women in France still carry out two thirds of domestic chores, even there has been some improvement of late.

This tallies with recent figures released in the UK suggesting that white British males do 31 per cent of the house chores, spending around six hours doing cooking, cleaning washing, ironing and so on compared to 14 hours for women. However, black British men were far more egalitarian, doing around 40 per cent of the chores. Pakistani men came off worst, doing just 17% of chores

It is not all one-way traffic however; a 2014 Ifop poll found that 55 per cent of French men and 32 per cent of French women are unfaithful and that infidelity is on the rise but that the French are champions of forgiveness. The poll made no mention of housework.

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