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#Narendra Modi: The Man of Modern India, Know some interesting facts about him

Mr Narendra Modi is one of the most prominent leaders in the democratic history of the country. He was born in the state of Gujarat and had been committed to his motherland from early childhood.

Let’s explore some of the interesting facts about the rags-to-riches story of this dynamic leader:

Narendra Modi’s first job was to mop the floor!


Very few people knew it,but it’s true! When he joined RSS, his first job was to mop the floor at the RSS Headquarters in Ahmedabad.

Crease-Less clothes


The Prime Minister of India is always well dressed and his clothes do not have any crease. This is a habit he has inculcated from his younger days. He used a self-devised iron wherein he filled a brass container with hot water to press his clothes.

Never shared his official residence with family members


Whether as the Chief Minister of Gujarat or now as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi doesn’t share his official residence with any of his family members, not even with his mother.

Never take Holiday


This is a word this illustrious leader does not relate to. He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a span of thirteen years and during his term in office he did not take any leave. He is a workaholic and work tops the priority list of Modi.




The present Prime Minister of India is well attached to his roots even after reaching the peak of his political career. He is grounded and is one of the patrons of the national language and devotedly uses Hindi while addressing the public or the press. Well, this has been followed by many renowned Indian leaders and many Indian leaders continue this tradition even today. However, what marks his exclusivity is that Modi always puts his signature in Hindi, whether it be an official document or in any casual occasion.


Early Riser


He is an early riser and has been maintaining a steady wake up time of 5- 5.30am regardless of the season or any other factor. Even if he sleeps late at night, there are no amends made to his wake up time.






Choosy about his wardrobe collection


Weknow that Narendra Modi is choosy about his wardrobe collection, and recently we got to know that all his clothes are of one brand Jade Blue which is a Ahmedabad based textile company.

Left home at the age of 17


When most youngsters think about their career at the age of 17, Narendra Modi decided to leave home for travelling across India. This verdict changed the course of his life as throughout his travel he came across many cultures of India and met different people. During this time he also visited the Himalayas and spent almost two years as a sanyasi with the yogic sadhus. These travels marked a lasting impression on the young Modi.

Narendra Modi as a Lucky-Charm to BJP


He joined BJP in 1987, the same year when BJP won Ahmedabad Municipal Elections and since then it never lost the Municipal Elections in Ahmedabad. In the Ahmedabad Municipal Elections of the year 2000, BJP lost, ironically, Narendra Modi was outside of Gujarat at that time.

First PM of independent India


Born on 17 September 1950, Narendra Modi is the first ever Prime Minister to be born in the Independent India.




Largest Election campaign


Modi has undertaken the largest mass outreach during his election campaign by travelling 3 lakh km addressing 25 states. Besides 1350 innovative 3D rallies and 437 public rallies has been addressed by him. It was covered in 8 months of the election campaign.


Patriot since childhood


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a patriot since childhood. During 1965 Indo-Pak war, he volunteered to serve the soldiers going in the war at the railway stations. He also served the flood affected people of Gujarat in 1967.





Most Popular politician in India


Narendra Modi is the most Popular politician in India by huge distance. His Twitter account has more than 6 Million followers. He is the most popular Indian politician on Facebook and 8th most popular among all Indian celebrity on Twitter.

Tech Savvy


We all are aware of Narendra Modi’s love for Technology. Every morning he log in to his system and read everything written about him or anything that matters to him. This way he could know for what he is being criticized or praised.

Auctioned all gifts


He auctioned whatever gifts and souvenirs he received during his visit to different places, and the proceeds were given to ‘Kanya Kelavani’ fund (girl child education fund) – an initiative very close to his heart.

Followed By Japanese Prime Minister


He is one among the FOUR people whom Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe follows on the social networking site Twitter. He has more than 12-million followers on Twitter, which places him second as the world’s most followed leaders after President Obama.

Modi as a tea-seller


Narendra Modi’s father had a tea-stall at the Vadnagar Railway Station in Gujarat and young Narendra Modi often lent his hands in selling tea at the station. This is the most sought –after fact about Narendra Modi and he has been seen mentioning this several times in his speeches.



When his mother advised him not to take bribe!


When Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time, his mother said – “Beta, kadi lanch na leis”. (Son, never take bribe).




Course From US


Yes, one among the many interesting facts about Modi is that he had undertaken a three months course in the United States where he was given lessons on image management and public relations. The lessons he learnt in the US and his leadership qualities have blended in proportion to build a personality that has stirred billions.

Modi Is A Post Graduate


After completing his higher secondary education from his hometown Vadnagar, there was a hiatus in his educational career. However, he resumed his studies by enrolling in a bachelor’s degree in a correspondence course under Delhi University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 1978. He then pursued an M.A. in Political Science from Gujarat University and a few years later became a postgraduate.

Marital Status


For many years the marital status of Narendra Modi was not known, but before the 2014 General Elections, Modi filled in some papers wherein he mentioned his wife’s name in one of the columns. When he was a teenager, he was married to Jashodaben Chimanlal by their parents. However, the marriage did not become a consummate relationship as soon after the marriage, he left home and embarked on his journey in politics.

Writer and Poet


He engages in literary pursuits and has penned a number of poetic pieces in his mother tongue, Gujarati. He has also published some of his literary works. Apart from being a poet, this superlative leader also takes delight in photography and even held an exhibition in which his talent as a photographer was manifested.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness












He is very particular in matters of cleanliness and maintains the neatness of his office. A neat atmosphere is a requisite for Modi. This is evident in the initiatives started by him as the Prime Minister. The ‘Swach Bharat’ mission is one such initiative spurred by Modi to make India clean.

A Follower


This well-known leader is follower of the ideologies of great saint Swami Vivekananda, and Modi even penned pieces revolving around Swamiji and his ideologies. Swami Vivekananda himself was a great speaker and is known by many for his speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religion. Co-incidentally, Swamiji was also named Narendra by his parents.

Met Cartoonist Ramesh Chandra Personally


Cartoonist Ramesh Chandra wished to meet Modi on his visit to Olympic Park, Sydney, but could not have made it to the venue because of bad health. He put a request through a news anchor’s tweet, and guess what? Modi looked into matter himself and specially arranged to meet Chandra at the venue.

 Death Experience


The Sharmishtha Lake located in his hometown was a regular play area for Modi during his childhood days. Frighteningly, and a rare known fact is that the lake was also home to crocodiles and once a crocodile hit Modi with its tail resulting in serious injuries. However, he was fortunate enough to survive the attack.












Narendra Modi is a teetotaller. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. He is a complete vegetarian.

For years Modi used to burn his belongings



For years Modi used to burn his belongings or anything associated with him. This was his way to disconnect with the past.

Played Video game with Japanese girl during his visit


During his Japan visit in the capacity of Chief Minister of Gujarat (to talk about infrastructure projects and investments for Gujarat), Modi decided to travel via bullet train. A little Japanese girl who was sitting alone in the train came up to him and greeted him. What happened next is super awesome! Mr. Modi and the girl both played video games for the next 15-20 minutes.

No Visa


2005, the US government did not issue him a diplomatic visa and under US Immigration and Nationality Act, the visa which he already possessed was invalidated.


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing at the launch of the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) Yojana, in New Delhi on April 08, 2015.
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing at the launch of the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) Yojana, in New Delhi on April 08, 2015.

He is very economical and knows how to use every penny to the optimum level. He understands the value of the hard earned money of the people and is the primary reason why he introduced the LPG subsidy and various other socio-economic policies.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)


His association with the charitable group RSS began when he was just eight years old. He gradually became a member of the group and even led the students’ wing of RSS known as the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parisha. In fact, it was through RSS that Narendra Modi was introduced into the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). During his association with the RSS he amassed immense knowledge about Hinduism.

Revamping Gujarat



When he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he was instrumental in improving the state’s financial condition making it one of the best investment hubs for business magnates. His government ensured that every village in Gujarat receives electricity and the ‘Jyotigram Yojana’ was formulated to turn this vision into a reality. Ahmedabad, which is the largest city of Gujarat, ranked third in World’s fastest growing states list by Forbes in the year 2010. The first two in the list are Chinese cities Chongqing and Chengdu.

Communication Skill


Modi has communication skills which is rare to find. Known to be one of the best orators in the country, his command over language was the prime reason which lured the nation by his side. Modi has a vast knowledge in various fields and that is only because he does his homework well before getting into any issue.

Investor Friendly


2007, while Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the investors’ summit called ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ was held and it saw the investment of 6.6 trillion in real-estate sector. Modi’s financial plans draw entrepreneurs to invest in such projects as they were lucrative and innovative.

Not An Elite But A Common Man


In a speech delivered on 7th October 2001, after he was chosen as the new Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi was quoted saying “I did not become the Chief Minister of Gujarat on 7th October 2001. I have always been the CM (Chief Minister); I am a CM today and will remain a CM tomorrow because by CM I mean ‘common man’ or Aam Aadmi.” After being elected as the Prime Minister of India, he said that he is the Number 1 mazdoor (worker). In the 68th Indian Independence Day, he gave a speech at the Red Fort where he mentioned that he is the Pradhan Sevak (Prime Servant) of the nation.

Participated in many Drama


During his school days, Narendra participated in many plays and even performed in a drama meant for a fundraiser as a teenager.

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