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#The places you need to be to celebrate New Year’s Eve twice

THERE’S a way you can manipulate time by travelling back to the past to celebrate the New Year twice.

From Sydney to Los Angeles and Spain to Portugal, anybody has the opportunity to make the most of their New Year’s Eve this year. But it’s going to cost you.


Private Fly has a very unique, and crazy, plan for revellers to get the most out of New Year’s Eve. For $14,000, you can travel through time and see the start of 2017 twice.

Once people in Sydney have celebrated the New Year, they can hop on a plane and head to LA in the United States.

This will give you an extra seven hours to party. There is a 19 hour-time difference between the two cities, but the private jet used means flight time will only be 12 hours.

“This is the ultimate in luxury ways to see in 2017, in two of the world’s most exciting party cities,” PrivateFly marketing director Carol Cork said.

Your evening will begin in Sydney at 8pm, and the flight to LA will leave about 2am, after you’ve already celebrated the New Year for the first time.

The flight will arrive at 7pm in LA, and the party starts all over again.


If a 12-hour flight is a little much for you, celebrating the New Year in Spain and Portugal could be a better option.

It’s much cheaper and you don’t have to stay awake to party nearly as long.

If you edge closer to the Spain-Portugal border you can travel 25 minutes to gain an hour.

Once you ring in the New Year in Spain, in the small town of Badajoz, head west over the border and do it all again in Elvas, Portugal.


New Zealand is one of the first countries in the world the celebrate the New Year, meaning Kiwis can go almost anywhere they want to celebrate a second time.

The Cook Islands is one of the last places to ring in the New Year, despite the island country having the same currency as New Zealand, and political links.

There is a 23-hour time difference between the two countries, but it’s only about a six-hour plane ride between Wellington and Rarotonga, giving New Zealanders plenty of time to travel to celebrate the New Year by the beach.


Two towns, two countries, just two kilometres away.

But they have a one-hour time difference, making it extremely easy to ring in the New Year twice.

Those on the border of Sweden and Finland can easily keep the party going.

Ring in the New Year in Karesuvanto, a city in Finland, before heading to Karesuando, a Swedish town just up the road.

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