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#Will the world be around Google in 2030?

When we wake up on the New Year’s Eve of 2030, despite the freezing outside, our room will be at the exact temperature we want because the thermostat application with artificial intelligence will set Nest to the most suitable temperature for us. Peki Nest, which company bought 3 billion dollars by three years ago?

Of course Google, we returned to the year 2030 and a driverless taxi picked us up from our house and transported it directly to our workplace. Who programmed the artificial intelligence of a driverless cab to find our place of business? Of course Google is the navigation app that buys Waze.

Let’s go back in 2030. You are walking in the streets of your city, but the weather is cold and you need a cup of coffee to warm up. Your eyeglasses can also tell you that the weather is cold and you need to drink coffee at the same time. Besides, since you know the location of the café that your friends suggested, you can order your coffee before you get there, and you get to the cozy cabin as you go into the café.

Which company should have the glasses that have all this? I think you know the answer.

In 20 years, our world will become fully interconnected with ” everything in the internet “. The objects will be gathered in the cloud environment, from the sensors they have, and this information will be managed by the artificial intelligence we program.

The gathering, interpretation and commissioning of such information will enable us to use energy more efficiently in the future, reduce time losses and improve the quality of our lives. How reliable is this technology that Google has?

The development of the digital world will create the “Great Winner” movement in all future sectors. Companies with the greatest gust in all sectors will hold the majority. Nowadays, we can give example of Facebook and Twitter from social media. While Facebook has 1.86 billion users, Twitter has only 319 million users. In search engines, Google alone holds 65%, and these two companies are now the biggest winners in their industry.

The power of big winning companies is more than you can imagine. If you criticize Google on your own website, Google will remove you from search engine results with the power of ‘ban’, and no country has a law against it. How safe will it be for this company to have such a gentle presence in every future field?

Of course, when we look at this review, it can not be assumed that Google is a company with bad strengths. As the big winner continues, when Google takes over another company that loses in its industry, it will have such great strengths. Besides the beauty of the digital world, our privacy and security concerns will be the biggest problem of our time.

Recently, around 200 people got banned from using Google services because they cheated Google by reselling the Pixel smartphone. Those people woke up one morning, and found out they couldn’t log into their Gmail, that they couldn’t acess their Google Docs, and if they were living in the future – they would’ve probably found out they can’t use Google’s autonomous cars and other apps on the street. They were essentially sentenced to a digital death.

Now, public uproar caused Google to back down and revive those people’s accounts, but this episode shows you the power that Google are starting to amass. And what’s more, Google doesn’t have to ban people in such direct fashion. Imagine, for example, that your website is being demoted by Google’s search engine (which nobody knows how it works) simply because you’re talking against Google. Google is allowed by law to do that. So who’s going to stand up and talk smack about Google? Not me, that’s for sure. I love Google.

To sum things up, Google is not required by law to serve everyone, or even to be ‘fair’ in its recommendations about services. And as it gathers more power and becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, we will need to find mechanisms to ensure that Google or Google-equivalent services are provided to everyone, to prevent people being left outside the system, and to enable people to keep being able to speak up against Google and other monopolies.

So in conclusion, it’s going to be a Google world, and I love Google. Now please share this answer, since I’m not sure Google will!

Note: all this is not to say that Google is ‘evil’ or similar nonsense. It is not even unique – if Google takes the fall tomorrow, Amazon, Apple, Facebook or even Snapchat will take its place. This is simply the nature of the world at the moment: digital technologies give rise to big winners.

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