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There is a bad news, guys: Sex might not get superior with age and it might even kill you in your golden years if you do it regularly enough and—here’s the kicker—really get pleasure from it, according to new research from Michigan State University. In the study, researchers surveyed 2,204 people; they all ranged in age of 57 to 85. To find out how sex affects heart health in elder men and women, researchers calculated participants’ cardiovascular danger by noting high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, elevated C-reactive protein in…

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Study show More than one in 10 young people have recently suffered a distressing sexual problem

According to new study More than 10% of total sexually active young people have recently experienced a “distressing problem” in the bedroom, As per survey 2,392 people aged 16 to 21, of whom 517 were sexually inactive and researchers also found that found that 44 per cent of sexually active young women and 34 per cent of sexually active young men had experienced one or more sexual problems lasting at least three months in the past year. Researchers analyzed information from a survey that 9% of men and 13% of…

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Small Things which can make your marriage life Happier

Happily ever after” is a great ending for Disney but in real life marriage takes work and commitment, every marriage has its ups and downs. In today modern life divorces throwing numerous marriages separately, but there are some people who sense that this foundation is in critical require of an renovate if it is to stay relevant and not turn out to be the sham modern marriages are more and more ending up as. You fell in love with your buddy is he or she avowed you, people fall in…

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